Real Estate

Purchasing or selling a home for your family or investment property or an office for your small business is an extremely important and costly investment. You want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting from your real estate transaction. The Hirsch Law Firm has been helping families and investors buy and sell real estate since 1982.

By contacting an experienced lawyer before you sign a contract, you can make sure your rights are protected. The Hirsch Law Firm will help you review all aspects of your real estate transaction to make sure you are getting what you bargained for and that your rights are protected.

Whether you are selling your house on your own or making a purchase with the help of a real estate broker, there are a lot of aspects that must be considered in your real estate transaction. From drafting and negotiating contracts to finalizing the transaction, the Hirsch Law Firm will protect your rights throughout the entire real estate process including:

  • Short Sales
  • Sales of both residential and commercial real properties
  • Purchases of both residential and commercial real properties
  • Drafting Contracts
  • Contract Negotiation and Review
  • For Sale by Owner
  • Review of financing documents

The challenges facing buyers and sellers of real property can be overwhelming. An experienced real estate lawyer can be of assistance in simplifying the process. The attorney will protect your rights from the beginning of negotiations to the final closing.